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Research and Development

We can research your ideas or partly completed projects to investigate feasibility, advise on practicality and materials, conduct FEA studies to check strength, overcome obstacles and develop your project further or to completion.

Development Research

Many times, our customers have come to us with projects that have already been progressed but issues have arisen that they can’t overcome.

The issues can be related to strength, functionality, useability, cost, materials and many others.

Solving these issues by research and developing new ideas and concepts is what we do and one of our core strengths.

Feasibility Research

An example of our research and review into a client’s proposal for a propulsion device for boats.

We performed calculations to ascertain the power that the device would provide and the resultant speed of the vessel using this power.

Other factors were also considered as to the viability of the device, such as the practical limitations of the available mounting space for the device.

The results concluded that the proposed device was not viable, and the client decided, wisely, to cancel the project.

Although this meant no further design work for us, it meant that our client would not waste money pursuing a project doomed to failure.

Mechanical & Engineering Design

From the simple mechanism design to complex special purpose machinery design

Research and Development

To overcome complex design challenges we execute research and perform tests on design ideas, develop new ideas, and perform redesigns

Jigs & Fixtures

Work holding assemblies for manufacture, inspection or testing parts or equipment

Machined Part Design

For cost effective and rapid production, parts need to be designed with production in mind.

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