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Programming for High Volume Parts

The quality of the program is critical for this type of production

Main points for profitable production:


Minimise Scrap

Use the correct tooling


Faster Cycle Times

Multi-Axis CNC Machines Improve Productivity and Accuracy

Efficient programming is the key to profitable part production. You may have the latest multi axis high speed machining centre but if the programs aren’t as efficient as they should be then profits could be leaking away all the time the machine is running

This is where we can help. We have the software and skills to help you get the most from your CNC machine investment.

Considerations for Large Batch Production

Programming for volume parts is not just about creating the best path for the cutter; it’s also about choosing the best set of cutters for the job and knowing when the cutters can be pushed hard without compromising the surface finish.

Using the correct software is also very important to creating programs for volume parts. You need software that will give you good tidy automatic strategies combined with the ability to have total manual control over the toolpath when needed.

Even if your part is machined in super quick time, if the part comes off the machine with burrs and sharp edges then your engineers will have to spend time and effort in manually de-burring. We can include deburring routines into our programs so your parts are ready to be shipped as soon as they leave the machine.


Fixture Design for Volume Production

Many high-volume parts need fixtures to hold the part while being machined. The design of the fixture can have a large impact on the efficiency in which the part is machined.

How to hold the part while it is being machined is rarely in the forefront of the part designer’s mind. Consequently, many parts are difficult to hold and need careful fixture design and planning to produce the part quickly and cost-effectively.

Another consideration for good fixture design is making it quick, easy and fool-proof for the operator to load and unload the parts prior and after machining. It is important for the operator to not be able to fix the stock, or partially machined part, in the wrong place or the wrong orientation.

We have designed literally hundreds of fixtures of all shapes and sizes, and have a huge amount of experience in what works and what doesn’t


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