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Product Development

Many product designers have good training in aesthetics and ergonomics and can produce designs that look and feel great, but they lack skills when it comes to judging if the product is practical to use or if the product can be produced economically.

Because of our strong knowledge of manufacturing methods and production techniques, we are in a better position than most the ensure that our designs can be made cost-effectively.

Tooling costs are often the largest initial outlay when bringing a product to market. Often, we can save the cost of the development design with the reduction in tooling costs.

Development from our concepts

Alphatech can develop your product right through from concept to production. This is done with close collaboration and consultation with our customer.

Tooling and production cost is nearly always high on the priority list, along with the required features and functions.

Product development from our own concepts is always the most efficient route to production, as we will already have been thinking ahead to the production and assembly methods, and it avoids setbacks and re-design caused by impossible to manufacture designs or designs that are too expensive to produce.


Development from Customers Designs

We can develop your designs that may not be completed or have not met your prescribed criteria. You may have a design that could not be produced because of cost issues as was the case of the child’s car seat project shown in the picture.

When the design came to us the was around 60 separate components and the cost to produce all these components and assemble them was prohibitive.

Our task was to make the product viable from a cost perspective, without losing any of the features or functionality. We reduced the component count from around 60 parts to 14, with a component cost, at the time, of around £7.

This enable the product to be sold for a retail price that was acceptable, and enable the product to go to market.

Development from customers prototypes

In the case of the folding three-wheeler cycle shown in the picture. Our customer came to us with his prototype.

The idea and vision behind the design was superb, but he lacked the engineering and design skills to take the prototype further.

There were serious issues with the design including the strength of the frame and the steering geometry along with other features the customer wanted to add to the product.

We were tasked with sorting the issues and helping with the additional features.


You may or may not have a clear idea of what your how your product will look or function. We can develop a concept as a starting point for product development.


It is usually essential to design and build a prototype of your product to test fuctionality, aesthetics and usability. We can provide all you need. 


You may already have a prototype but need help in turning the this into a production ready design. Or maybe you need to update and modernise an existing product.


To develop a production ready design that is feasible and cost effective, you need in-depth knowledge of manufacturing methods. We have the experience to get you the results you need.

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