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Machined Part Design

A great deal of time and money is wasted when designers over-complicate machined parts unnecessarily.

This is usually due to a lack of knowledge on how parts are machined and what makes machining difficult and time consuming.

Designers have rarely spent time using workshop milling and turning machines, so they often produce designs that cost more than they need to when manufactured.

Our Designers

Our machined part designers have all spent time actually using workshop machines and programming CNC machines in a real-world environment (not just at university).

This gives them useful knowledge on what it tricky to produce, what will need expensive tooling, what will be a nightmare to program and what will prolong cycle times.

Applying this knowledge can save you a considerable amount of money on the cost of your machined components.

Typical Production

Typically, the manufacturer that is machining and supplying the part has no knowledge of the purpose of all the features of the part.

Their only option is to follow that CAD model and drawing and make what is designed.

Sometimes, the manufacturer will query hard to produce features with the customer, this can help, but leads to delays with the need for the design team to re-design parts and re-issue CAD data and drawings.

Mechanical & Engineering Design

From the simple mechanism design to complex special purpose machinery design

Research and Development

To overcome complex design challenges we execute research and perform tests on design ideas, develop new ideas, and perform redesigns

Jigs & Fixtures

Work holding assemblies for manufacture, inspection or testing parts or equipment

Machined Part Design

For cost effective and rapid production, parts need to be designed with production in mind.

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