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Mechanical and Engineering Design

Whether you need a simple mechanism designing or a complex special purpose machinery design, it is important that the designer has a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t along with how parts are made and manufactured.

This can cut down development time and re-work significantly. Our designers have many years experience in designing and developing working mechanisms.

We can add this knowledge to your business, so you can take advantage of our expertise.

Avoid multiple prototype phases

Our experienced team along with advanced CAD software can ensure that the mechanisms we design work first time and we can minimise prototyping stages and iterations.

We can simulate the movement and interaction of the components, check for collisions and interference between parts and perform FEA studies to ensure the design operates as desired and has the required strength.

Ideas and Innovation

Often there is no similar devices in existence, because what we have been tasked to design has never been tried before.  

This is where there is no substitute for experience. Judging what is likely to work and what is not, along with what materials will be most suitable, and what manufacturing method will be best to use, will be key to the success of the project.

Mechanical & Engineering Design

From the simple mechanism design to complex special purpose machinery design

Research and Development

To overcome complex design challenges we execute research and perform tests on design ideas, develop new ideas, and perform redesigns

Jigs & Fixtures

Work holding assemblies for manufacture, inspection or testing parts or equipment

Machined Part Design

For cost effective and rapid production, parts need to be designed with production in mind.

Mechanical and Engineering Design

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