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4 & 5 Axis CNC Programming Services

Are you utilising your multi-axis machine to it’s full potential?

Multi-axis CNC machines add a huge amount of flexibility but needs sophisticated software to program them

Advantages of multi axis CNC machines


Deeper Forms


Shorter Tools


Faster Cycle Times

Multi-Axis CNC Machines Improve Productivity and Accuracy

4 & 5 axis CNC machines have great potential to pay great dividends BUT:

Programming these sophisticated machines becomes far more complex than 3 axis machines. They can still be programmed at the machine console, but to get the best from the machine, offline programming is essential.
Offline programming for 3 axis CNC machines has become widespread and relatively inexpensive. However, to program 4 & 5 axis machines with full simultaneous movement, a considerable investment in software and training has to be made.

This is where we can help. We have the software and skills to help you get the most from your multi-axis machine.

Head based multi-axis machines

This type of 5 axis layout tend to be used on larger machines. They have the 4th and 5th axis movements on the head of the machine. With the workpiece moving in the normal 3 axis.

Advantages of this layout is that large machines can be made with very long travel in each direction. These machines can be used for machining models of whole cars or even boats.

The disadvantage is that the machines tend not to be as rigid as table based machines. So lighter materials are usually cut, or smaller cutters are used.

Alphatech have an extensive experience of programming for these machines. Plus, our skills and advanced software enable us to produce very efficient toolpaths.


Table based multi-axis machines

These machines tend to have the 4th and 5th axis movements provided by the table. Typically the table will rotate and tilt, although there are other configurations such as a rotating table and a tilting head.

The advantages of this type of machine are that the head and cutter remain rigid. So tough materials can be machined with larger cutters and fast feedrates. These machines are also well suited to production batchwork as low cycle times can be achieved.

The disadvantage of these machines is limited machine movement and size limitations of the part to be machined.

Great care must be used when programming these machines as collisions between the moving parts are more of a risk. Alphatech’s software will check for collisions before supplying finished programs

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