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Jigs and Fixtures Design

Are you looking for extra expert help with a project that your in-house team hasn’t got the time or capacity to do?

All types of jigs and fixtures

From the simplest of small clamping fixtures to huge jigs for manipulating large glass fibre moulds. Alphatech has the skills and knowledge to provide the designs you require.

Along with the knowledge of machined part manufacture that ensures that all the parts can be made without excessive cost.

Unusual types

If a part to be machined is an awkward shape, too big to fit on your milling machine, or it’s not efficient to use CAN machine time, other methods can be used.

In this case a jig was made to enable the profile of a composite aircraft panel to be cut using a hand operated router, normally used for woodwork.

Mechanical & Engineering Design

From the simple mechanism design to complex special purpose machinery design

Research and Development

To overcome complex design challenges we execute research and perform tests on design ideas, develop new ideas, and perform redesigns

Jigs & Fixtures

Work holding assemblies for manufacture, inspection or testing parts or equipment

Machined Part Design

For cost effective and rapid production, parts need to be designed with production in mind.

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