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Complex 3D form CNC Programming Services

Does machining complex 3D forms take up too much time on your machines?

Choosing the right strategies, correct cutter selection and stepovers can dramatically affect program run times

We can help you:


Machine difficult parts

Choose The Correct Tooling


Get Faster Cycle Times

Programming software with a large range of machining strategies is essential when faced with complex 3D geometry

Programming 3D form on 3, 4 or 5 axis machines is usually only possible with offline programming software. Usually only simple 3D form can be programmed at the machine console.

This is where we can help. We have the software and skills to help you get the most from your CNC machine.

Multi-axis machines and 3D form

Multi-axis machines are ideal for machining 3D form. Especially when the form can’t be accessed by a single direction. The ability to machine entirely around the form improves quality and eliminates the chance of mismatches due to errors in multiple setups. It also cuts setup time and fixtures necessary for holding the part in multiple orientations.

Alphatech has programming software with the necessary licences to produce programs for these machines, where all 4 or 5 axis are moving simultaneously. This produces the smoothest results and eliminates dwell marks, resulting in a finished part that needs less, or no, extra finishing operations.



3 axis CNC machines and 3D form

3 axis machines are well suited to machining complex 3D geometry, as long as the form is accessible from one direction and cutter length to machine deep areas is not an issue.

One thing to consider when taking on jobs that involve 3D form, is the ability of you CNC machine to process and move along the toolpath generated by the programming software. This ability can vary greatly between different CNC machines. Generally, older machines will struggle more with the large number of instructions necessary to move along complex toolpaths.

If you are unsure about your machine capability, get in touch, and we can help with our extensive experience (35 plus years!) in programming 3D form

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