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Concept Design

Initial Ideas

Often our clients will come to us with just a set of criteria that the potential product needs to fulfil, and they have little idea of how the product will look or perform. They may have just a rough sketch showing what the product needs to do.

Sometimes they just have a problem that needs to be solved by a new device or product and no idea on what it would look like or how complex it needs to be.



If there are existing products that perform a similar function, we will research what is already available to assess the good and bad aspects of the devices and products. This helps us rule out features of our concepts that do not preform well, and help us focus on what does work and fits the client’s requirements.


 Sometimes a single concept stands out as the obvious choice for meeting our clients needs or solving their problem, but often various ideas and concepts are created.

These concepts are then assessed to make sure that they fit within the stated criteria before presenting to our client.


You may or may not have a clear idea of what your how your product will look or function. We can develop a concept as a starting point for product development.


It is usually essential to design and build a prototype of your product to test fuctionality, aesthetics and usability. We can provide all you need. 


You may already have a prototype but need help in turning the this into a production ready design. Or maybe you need to update and modernise an existing product.


To develop a production ready design that is feasible and cost effective, you need in-depth knowledge of manufacturing methods. We have the experience to get you the results you need.

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