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Moulding and Engineering Companies

Is your company a moulder or engineering contractor?

Some of our clients are Injection moulding or engineering companies.

They find the arrangement to be very beneficial. Quite often our clients get approached by customers that need them to manufacture goods (for example plastic mouldings or machined parts) and they haven’t got a suitable design.

We provide the design service on behalf of our client, sometimes as part of their team or sometimes as a sub-contractor. We are happy to work either way.

This is far better than having to turn the customer away and say “Come back when you have a design that we can work with.”

This will inevitably lead to the customer going away and maybe finding a designer that will point them in the direction of a different manufacturer.

Another advantage of having Alphatech as a design partner is that you get more control over the finished product. We will work with the client and manufacturer to ensure that the client get what they want, and the manufacturer gets the product designed in a way that makes the manufacture as easy as possible. A win-win scenario!

Some of our manufacturing clients have gone on to use the fact that they now have an excellent design capability, to actively market this extra service to help gain business in their normal field.

If you would like Alphatech to become your design partner, give us a ring or drop us an email. There is no obligation and you have nothing to lose.

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