Here to help you design and develop better products

Do you need good, honest, value-for-money design services that will focus on your needs?

What do we do?

Alphatech provide a range of design services to companies and individuals who prefer to just get innovative, attractive, practical and sensible designs without any pomp and pretense. We concentrate on our clients needs and desires at all times giving great value and service which is guaranteed.

Why should you choose Alphatech for your design requirements?

  • We provide a money-back guarantee that you will be totally happy with our designs.
  • We have been established for almost 20 years. Meaning that we are still going to be around for future support and new projects.
  • Our staff have a wide range of skills and knowledge, chosen to provide you with a comprehensive service.
  • We are based away from the main cities, which means we can provide a very cost-effective service.

Because of our guarantee we won't try to pull the wool over your eyes and push you into expensive esoteric design exercises.

We won't take on work that we aren't confident in completing in-time and to a high standard. But we will provide work that is accurate, on-time, high quality and innovative backed by over 20 years design and engineering experience.