Engineering Design Services

Mechanical design - Special Purpose Machinery - Jigs and Fixtures - Tooling Design

Engineering Design obviously covers a wide spectrum. Our team all have very solid engineering backgrounds, and though our varied previous employment and working on differing projects here at Alphatech over the years, we have the experience and knowledge to help and provide you excellent results on your projects.

We can offer a full design service or we can provide assistance to your own team.

Are you looking for extra expert help with a project that your in-house team hasn't got the time or capacity to do?

We can help you achieve your deadlines; fill in for holidays or illness, save the expense of more full time employees. Our team can bring fresh ideas, techniques and a new perspective to your designs.
Are you the owner of a company that hasn't got its own design team?
Many of our regular customers do not have in-house design facilities. And they enjoy several advantages over those who do.

For many companies design requirements are not constant, they tend to rise and fall with the development cycles of new products. With a set number of in-house designers this can be a problem either the team is overloaded with delays ensuing or they are underutilised and resources and money are wasted.

Using Alphatech for your design requirements means that you only pay for the work that we do for you and are only an email or phone call away when you need us.