Like the idea of surfing but don’t like getting wet?

Can you picture yourself riding the crest of that wave, balancing the board with precision as you set yourself up for your next cool trick?

Yes? – So do I. But there are a few obstacles to overcome before you can become a competent surfer. Firstly you need to be within travelling distance of a good surfing beach. You will then need all the gear, board, wetsuit, VW camper van etc. Then you need the lessons, hours and hours of practice, bags of stamina for the constant paddling against the waves. And you’ll need to not mind about ingesting plenty of salt water, having bumps and bruises, aching limbs, crusty skin and hair like straw… Don't know about you, but I’m going off the idea rapidly now!

Luckily, there is an alternative.  Extreme Sports Zone (ESZ) have invented ‘Brushboarding’ where you can get the thrills of surfing while saying completely dry. 
What they have invented is a clever machine that provides a constant wave of rotating brushes that enables you to ride continuously without all the paddling, waiting and getting wet and cold.

Brushboarding is fun and safe for almost all ages. Even complete novices can soon be riding with confidence. And the best bit of all? – No salty wetsuit to rinse out when you get home.

Alphatech have been working with ESZ to provide engineering design solutions to allow the machines to be made to custom sizes to allow fitment into existing buildings. We will also soon be overhauling the machine design to make it modular, so almost any size and shape of machine can quickly be ordered and built to accommodate varying customer requirements.

If you want to find out more about brushboarding visit the ESZ website at: