Electrosurgical Forceps

New generation of electro-surgery devices

This is an electro-surgery forceps device which incorporates an automatic activation switch, which activates the current when the forceps are squeezed to a certain pressure.

Traditionally, electro-surgical forceps have been operated via a foot switch, which means that the surgeon has the added task of having to keep one foot balanced on the switch while performing delicate surgery.

This device frees the surgeon to adjust his feet position to a more comfortable and relaxed stance, improving his balance and coordination.

The device comes in two configurations, one with smoke evacuation and one without.
Smoke evacuation is the ability of the device to use a vacuum pump to draw air from around the tips and away from the working area.

Electrosurgery produces some smoke and vapours while in use. There has been increased awareness of the potential effects to the health of staff and patients from breathing in surgical smoke, along with reduced visibility in the surgical site and the unpleasant odours.

More information on this product can be obtained from http://prima-medical.com