Satisfaction Guarantee

Alphatech are possibly unique in the fact that we offer a full money-back guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the design work that we produce.

With the majority of our design work we provide a no-quibble guarantee.  This means that you do not need to worry about whether you have made the right decision in choosing Alphatech. If you are not happy then simply inform us of the fact and we will not bill you for the work. Of course we would like the chance to put whatever you are unhappy about right but if you make the decision to move to another design company then we will totally respect this.

How does this work?
Normally we break down a project into stages. How many stages and the work they involve vary from project to project. For example a project may be broken down into a: Concept stage, prototype stage, detail design stage, production stage. At the end of each stage, if you are entirely happy with the results, you will be billed for the work and we will progress to the next stage. If you are not happy then we will either correct and re-work the design or cease work on the project and cancel any invoices for that stage.

What happens to the designs created if I decide to cancel the project?
Whatever has been paid for is yours to keep and any IP or Design Rights will pass to you. Alphatech will supply any electronic data generated and any other relative materials. If you are unhappy with the work and do not want to pay, then any design work, Intellectual property and Design Rights will remain the property of Alphatech. The designs that Alphatech have produced will not be able to be used in your project.

We want you to be totally confident that you have made the right decision in choosing Alphatech for your design project.