Pricing information

We are totally transparent about our charges and are confident that we offer excellent value for money. You will never have any surprises with bills that are far larger than expected.

How do we charge for our services? - We can quite often quote a set price for a project, as long as the tasks are clearly defined.

Usually we will break the task down into stages and quote a price for each stage. Unless goalposts are moved significantly, then this is exactly what you will be billed when the project is complete and you are happy with the results.

Sometimes projects are more fluid and a set price is impossible to judge. In this case we can bill an hourly rate and provide a monthly, weekly or even daily time sheet that states clearly what hours we have taken and what on.

This is our profession and what we do every day, so you will probably be surprised in what we can achieve for relatively little time and cost.

It doesn’t cost anything to have a chat. So call us on the number at the top of the page to discuss your requirements or drop us an email