Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

Q: “Will any Intellectual property generated by Alphatech belong to me or Alphatech?”

A: Once the work that we have undertaken has been paid for in full, then all Intellectual Property rights are transferred to you.

Q: “Can I patent any product or process that Alphatech has created on my behalf?”

A: Yes, if the product or process is patentable and Alphatech has been fully paid for the work then by all means you can apply for a patent.

Q: “Will the work that Alphatech does for me be confidential?”

A: Yes, we will not disclose any sensitive or confidential details of projects that we are working on without your express permission and we are always happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (subject to the wording being acceptable).

Q: “Can you design something that I can patent?”

A: “Possibly, but we cannot guarantee that the product can be patented or hasn’t been produced before.

Q: “Do you do patent searches?”

A: No, you would have to employ a specialist patent search company to do this for you.

Q: “Are you able to provide a fixed price for my design?”

A: As long as we can clearly define the process and end product that is required then, yes.

Q: “Do you discard the design data after the project has finished?”

A: No, not unless you request us to. We keep data indefinitely. But we cannot guarantee this, so please make sure that you also keep copies and backups of any data we supply to you.

Q: “Can Alphatech build my prototype for me?”

A: Yes, we can build most prototypes unless they are very large, very heavy or not safe to build or run in an office environment.

Q: “Can Alphatech make my finished products?”

A: Generally no, but if it is low volume and small then this might be possible. However we do have partners that can build and assemble your product for you.

Q: “Do you offer training courses?”

A: No, we do not have any teaching facilities.

Q: “Can one of your designers come and work onsite with our team?”

A: Generally no, but exceptions could be made depending on the circumstances.

Q: “Do you work for overseas clients?”

A: Yes, not all of our customers are based in the UK.

Q: “Do we need a face to face meeting before you can work on my project?”

A: Not necessarily. The internet and video conferencing makes it easy to communicate ideas. We have never met a lot of our regular clients face to face.