Sackholder bin

Plastic sack-holder for commercial use. – A ‘flip-top’ foot operated bin that uses a refuse sack .

The brief for this project was to design an all plastic sack-holder that could be sold at a fraction of the price of the ones that were available to the client at that time. They would need to perform to, at least, the same standard and had the same or more features.

The existing sack-holders had a retail price of £90 and the target was to bring the retail price down closer to the metal sack-holders (around £25 I believe).

The sack-holder has the following features:

Foot operated ‘flip’ lid.
Device to trap the top of the refuse sack and hold it securely.
Strong top frame to support the weight of a full sack.
Wheels for easy re-positioning of the bin.
Soft-close lid.
Easy self-assembly.
Small packaging space.
Easy to clean.
No dirt traps.

The project was completed and met all the criteria.