Small Devon based manufacturer to take on the big boys

Matbro telescopic loaders were well respected among the farming community as a reasonably priced and reliable workhorses, suited to many tasks around the farm.

Telescopic loaders have also been adopted by other professions also because of their versatility, and can be found in many other workplaces including building sites, recycling centres, scrapyards and many others.

The Matbro loaders sadly disappeared from the marketplace in the early 2000’s due to the financial problems of their parent company.

Agri-Tel, a small company based in the South West is soon to resurrect the brand and produce a series of brand new machines with the same qualities of the old Matbro vehicles.

Alphatech has been tasked with designing 2 new loaders with the following brief: They must be strong, reliable, cost-effective to build, easy to maintain and have good sized cabs for easy access (essential for the farmer who would be constantly climbing in and out).

The first two vehicle variants will be an ‘All Wheel Steer’ version with a side mounted boom, and a ‘Pivot Steer’ version with a centrally mounted boom.

Later versions will include different engine and gearbox choices.

The first prototypes are being built at present and should be in testing shortly.